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Digital Visual Management

On a journey to a more visual workplace?

NovIntu is here to help!

We specialize in designing, creating, and implementing digital visual management solutions in any business environment. Digital, cloud-based visual management systems offer serious advantages over a traditional paper method. Put modern and flexible tools into your hands and revolutionize the way your company plans, communicates, and executes across all business functions. You already know the benefits of traditional visual management; let us help you recognize the added benefits of digital and cloud-based solutions today!


Benefits of Digital VM

Continuous refresh of real-time metrics

Proactive alerts across all devices

Easy integration with existing ERP

Consistent measurement system reduces data integrity questions

Cloud-based, mobile-accessible solutions

Highly interactive charts, graphs, and visuals

Promotes a team environment and collaboration

Types of Applications we build:

  • Shop-Floor Visuals – Live scoreboards, KPIs, andon alerts.
  • Office Applications – Dashboards, workflow assistance
  • Multi-Site Solutions – Share goals, information, and status globally
  • Training & Quality Control – Add instruction and poke-yokes directly into the process

No matter where you are, we can help at any stage in the process. . .


  • What do you want to measure?
  • What do your customers care about most?

databaseData Collection

  • What data is available through existing systems?
  • What additional data do you need to collect/create?

visual_graph_monitorVisual Creation

  • Where will it be displayed?
  • How will it be reviewed?

Find out how we can help you create a more visual workplace.

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